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Dawn Taarud

Dawn Taarud black dog
(760) 436-7986 ex. 703

Dawn manages all aspects of our accounting, receiving payments and coordinating payroll.

Dawn has been environmentally conscious since 4th grade, when she learned about ways to save energy, stop pollution and why it’s important to be kind to the earth. She came to San Diego from the San Francisco Bay area to attend UCSD, where she studied to be a Russian translator and graduated with a BA in Linguistics.

Doing bookkeeping to pay her way through school, she realized that she really liked accounting. Dawn worked as a bookkeeper at six different Chart House restaurant locations and at their corporate office for almost 10 years. She then entered corporate America, where she worked mostly for computer-related businesses that created and sold software and hardware. After staying home to raise her children for seven years, she has returned to bookkeeping! In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis, reading and taking long walks with her dog.