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Dorothée Lienhart

woman giving thumbs up next to with Solana Center worm photo sign
Director of Operations
(760) 436-7986 x 716

Dorothée is responsible for Solana Center’s operations and contracts.

Dorothée is the “French touch” of the team and good food and healthy living are her signature! In 2012, she left busy Paris to settle in sunny San Diego. Since then, she has been actively involved in promoting sustainability throughout San Diego County, providing education and outreach to the community. Being a die-hard Zero Waster, she has implemented various waste diversion strategies from her own kitchen to entire school campuses.

Dorothée has a Master’s Degree in Management and 10 plus years of experience in project management and process improvement. She brings this experience to Solana Center to manage the wide variety of programs offered by the Solana Center staff.