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Bag It! Tonight at La Paloma

 When plastic bags first came out decades ago, they seemed like the perfect invention for modern life: cheap, lightweight, long-lasting, waterproof, compact, even colorful and printable. But there are many obvious downsides too, with litter and environmental pollution being foremost. And there are quite a few not-so-obvious dangers, including questionable chemical additives that leak into the very food that we're trying to preserve. This movie presents the pros and cons of plastic bags in a frank and straightforward, non-technical manner. It's not a gloom-and-doom horror documentary, but an honest report on the harm that may be caused by the plethora of plastic bags in our society. See the official trailer for this movie here: The showing will be followed by a discussion forum led and moderated by Dr Emelia DeForce, a biologist who has studied the impact of plastics in our oceans. Now local, Dr DeForce came from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where she visited and researched the North Atlantic and Pacific gyres. This event is sponsored by the Encinitas Environmental Commission and Healthy Day Partners