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Beat the Heat with these Cool Summer Tips

Have you noticed that the days are getting hotter? Summer is here and with it the highest energy usage months of the year. It's possible to reduce energy consumption during the sizzling summer months without sacrificing comfort. These energy saving tips and rebates from our partners, SDG&E will also keep your electric bill from spiraling out of control. Conserving energy means everybody wins! We enjoy cleaner air, a healthier environment, and help reduce green house gases when we reduce our energy use. New Pool Equipment Rebates As a pool owner, you enjoy a clean pool, but did you know that the energy needed to run a filtration pump and pool cleaner can be a significant part of your monthly energy bill?

By replacing your single-speed or two speed pump and hydraulic cleaner with more efficient models, you can maintain a sparkling swimming pool while lowering your costs. Splash offers rebates for installing qualifying energy efficient variable-speed pool pumps, as well as a new rebate for robotic pool cleaners. Care for your Cool In San Diego, we use our air conditioner in the summer and heater in the winter. The AC Quality Care Program provides residents with specially trained and skilled contractors to perform year-round Quality Maintenance of your heating and cooling system to help ensure a reliable and energy-efficient operation. With a $250 initial rebate, SDG&E customers are eligible to receive a System Assessment & Improvement for $50, a service designed to increase indoor comfort, air quality and energy efficiency. How cool is that!? Summer Savings Tips

  • Set your air conditioner to 78 degrees or higher. Changing the A/C thermostat from 72 to 78 degrees can save up to 12% of your cooling costs.
  • Switch to fans when you can. Use a portable or ceiling fan instead of central A/C when you can comfortably do so.
  • Freshen A/C filters regularly. Make sure the filter in your central A/C is clean so it runs more efficiently.
  • Weatherstrip and caulk drafty doors and windows to keep conditioned air in and save up to 5% on cooling costs.
  • Power down equipment. Use power strips or unplug electronics such as DVRs, game consoles and TVs that draw power even when switched off.
  • Make the light choice. When you replace lights, choose energy-efficient products such as LEDs and CFLs.
  • Use a pool or spa cover. Covers can reduce heat loss by up to 90%.
  • Filter your swimming pool for less when you switch to an energy-efficient, variable-speed pool pump and get one of our rebates.
  • Block direct sunlight. Close window coverings, or use solar shade screens, reflective films, awnings or trees to shade exposed windows.
  • Target your top opportunities to save energy and money with the online energy management tools you'll find in My Account.