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Eco Learning Lab

bananas, apples, and other food waste in a green bucketSpring is coming, flowers are blooming, plants are growing, and so is our Eco Learning Lab! The Eco Learning Lab encompasses the new Composting Demo & Training Center as well as last year’s Eco Container. Located at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, our new facilities provide extensive education opportunities to expand the community’s composting knowledge. Our first tour of the Eco Learning Lab on March 14 hosted 55 city planners from around the county, sending our new facility off to a fantastic start!

If you want to start a communal compost pile in your HOA, at your restaurant or hotel, or in your community garden, or even at your office building, our Eco Learning Lab provides the education materials and hands-on learning for you to get started!

One of the recent additions to our Composting Demo & Training Center is an ASP (aerated static pile). This is one of many composting methods that accommodates more than the scraps from your dinner preparations. An ASP system uses large pipes that circulate air from fans through the pile, eliminating the need to physically aerate the composting organic material. This system can manage large quantities of waste and makes it particularly suitable for manure or large volumes of food waste. 

On April 9th, we will be facilitating the first of several workshops titled Solutions for Organic Waste Diversion, to educate attendees on several fascinating forms of waste-reduction, including bokashi, black soldier fly larvae, and ASP (Aerated Static Piles). Participants can also see a large vermicomposting bin in operation as well as an in-vessel composting system. Following the workshops, you can stay to help harvest compost from the onsite ASP and re-construct a new ASP. Registration and event details are available on our website. We hope to see you there!