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Encinitas Partnership Reduces City’s Carbon Footprint and Educates Residents

Solana Center is well known for the free composting workshops, funded by the City of Encinitas, that we provide for Encinitas residents. In addition to being your local experts on composting and building healthy soil, we’re partnering with the City of Encinitas on a number of exciting waste diversion initiatives.

Environmental Education at Encinitas EcoFest

Thanks to the City of Encinitas we had, not one but three interactive booths at the 10th annual Encinitas EcoFest on May 15 th . Why three booths? To educate attendees about watershed and pollution prevention, soil building and composting and recycling! Our Bag Man (Jaron Mackay) raised awareness about the number of plastic bags the average American uses in a year. We always enjoy being a part of this important and fun community event.

Food Waste Recycling with EUSD

Solana Center conducted a food waste assessment over three days at the EUSD Central Kitchen. EUSD is generating more than 1 3/4 tons of food scrap in its kitchen. By composting that amount of organic material, rather than sending it to the landfill, approximately 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (MT CO2e) will be avoided. Solana Center is working to provide solutions for storage and transportation for the food scrap to be composted at the Farm Lab.

Waste Diversion at Switchfoot Bro-Am

We will be diverting recycling and educating attendees of this year's Switchfoot Bro-Am concert and surf contest. Our contribution will be training, coordinating, and supervising volunteers at the event to divert as much waste as possible. Thousands of people attend this annual celebration that gives back to the community.

Zero Waste Guidelines for City Events

We are in the process of developing comprehensive guidelines for holding zero waste events! The guidelines will provide City of Encinitas residents and businesses with the information needed in a format that is accessible and easy to understand.  The goal is to alleviate any stress for the event planner by including information for vendors to ensure that all one-time use items can be diverted from landfills; tables for tracking diversion; resources to contact for water and waste hauling, as well as proper recycling food waste diversion techniques.

For more information, contact our Zero Waste Coordinator, Mark DiMaggio at