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Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Heat Up

 Before you crank up the A/C this summer, consider more energy efficient ways to stay cool.  Head to the beach or visit a Cool Zone!  Reducing your energy use this summer will take some of the pressure off the grid and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some great tips, by our partner SDG&E for how keep your cool this summer.  It's easy to do and easy on your pocketbook too! Summer Tips Saving energy this summer is easy! Watch these 7 short videos to learn about quick ways to reduce energy use this summer. Topics include indoor and outdoor lighting, cooling, weatherization, pools, refrigeration and electronics. Cool Zones How can you beat the heat AND save money on your energy bill? Easy - visit a Cool Zone. Cool Zones are places for people to comfortable escape mid-day summer heat and reduce personal air-conditioning use, which helps save on energy costs. With more than 115 locations visiting a Cool Zone near you is easy! Water Saving Measures and Rebates With mandatory water restrictions in place, do your part to conserve. Every drop counts! Apply for a free SDG&E water savings kit or replace your clothes washer with one that uses less water & electricity and get a rebate from SDG&E. #espsdge