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Meet the Eco Container!

What is the Eco Container?

The Eco Container, sponsored by Kashi, is a re-purposed shipping container that Solana Center is transforming into a center for environmental innovation. By demonstrating solar energy, a greywater demo system, rain barrels, composting, drought tolerant landscaping and California-friendly gardens, the Eco Container shows visitors how to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily lives. Why?  Because our daily choices shape our world. We wanted to create an innovative way to get people excited about sustainability. The Eco Container is designed to inspire and reach new audiences with Solana Center's environmental message -- that we can all be stewards of our precious natural resources.

“By teaching people about the natural wonders of soil, plants, water, and animals, we encourage good stewardship of our resources and land,” said Solana Center’s Executive Director, Jessica Toth.

Where is the Eco Container?

We will unveil the Eco Container at the opening day of the San Diego County Fair on June 3rd. The Eco Container will be on display for the public to visit June 3rd -July 4th as part of the Infield Farm at the San Diego County Fair.  Come on down to the Infield Farm, where visitors can see thriving vegetable gardens, watch worms turn food scraps into rich soil amendment, see a colony of bees in action and much more. Solana Center will also have an interactive booth sponsored by the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department with composting demonstrations and activities.

Our Supporters

The response to the Eco Container has been incredible! We were very excited when Solana Beach-based company, Kashi stepped forward to be the official sponsor of the Eco Container.

“At Kashi, we are also passionate about ecological sustainability and creating healthy communities. We’re delighted that we can make an impact in our local community by partnering with the Solana Center on their Eco Container,” said Nicole Nestojko, Senior Director, Supply Chain & Sustainability.

Other community sponsors and supporters, include the County of San Diego, EcoScraps, Rainwater Solutions, PrAna, Natural Energy USA, RainThanks and Greywater, Dadla Ponizil, Edco and BioEve have stepped up and made the Eco Container a reality. Solana Center volunteers have enthusiastically contributed their time to its transformation. As part of a new partnership with the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the Eco Container will be a permanent exhibit at the Infield Farm and Solana Center will host environmental education programming year-round. 

Our future plans are to offer workshops and a water conservation event at the Infield Farm. For more information about Solana Center’s Eco Container, sponsored by Kashi, contact our Communications Coordinator, Jamie Higgins, at