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New Energy Usage Charge Encourages Using Less

Did you know 40% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while they are turned off? If we all did just one thing to lower our energy use, what an impact that would make!

As part of California’s continued efforts to encourage people to use less energy, a new State-mandated High Usage Charge (HUC) goes into effect November 1, 2017. This charge will apply to residential customers whose electricity use is more than four times the amount of their Baseline Allowance. Understanding your Baseline Allowance may help you manage your energy use to avoid this charge. Use this calculator to find out your Baseline Allowance. The HUC is a higher price per kilowatt-hour above tier 2. 

By subscribing to High Usage alerts, you'll know in advance that your usage will trigger the high-use charge. These alerts will let you know both before and when you start getting charged for high usage. You can choose to receive email or text alerts at

If you are a CARE customer, high electricity use may make you ineligible to continue receiving this discount. If you exceed four times the amount of your baseline allowance, you're subject to both the High Usage Charge and eligibility re-verification. Consider making changes to your home's energy use so you can avoid the High Usage Charge. If eligible the Energy Savings Assistance Program can help. For more information about the High Usage charge visit