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New Waste Diversion Record Set at 2015 Switchfoot Bro-Am

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Photo by Nathan Minatta/Skeptic Productions[/caption] Four metric tons of greenhouse gases were avoided due to Green Team recycling efforts at the 11th annual Switchfoot Bro-Am and Rob Machado Bro Junior on July 11th. Solana Center for Environmental Innovation in partnership with the Rob Machado Foundation, with support from the City of Encinitas and Hurley, put together a Green Team of volunteers that diverted a record 2,414 lbs. of event-generated waste. Solana Center and Rob Machado Foundation staff with 89 Green Team volunteers processed an unprecedented 2,923 lbs. of waste, recycled 1,628 lbs. of waste and recycled 785 lbs. of food waste to be composted.

“The Green Team diverted from the landfill an unprecedented 83% of all the waste. It wouldn’t have been possible without our longstanding partnership with Rob Machado Foundation and collaborative support from the City of Encinitas and Hurley,” said Solana Center Executive Director, Jessica Toth. “What a great success! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

This tremendous effort, resulted in the diversion of 83% of the total waste generated at the event, attended by an estimated 15,000 people.

“There was, honestly, more than one moment when I thought we were going to have to quit. There were just too many bags to sort through, but we did it together,” said Solana Center’s Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Loyko.

Check out these numbers! 2,923     lbs of waste were processed 1,628    lbs of waste recycled 785        lbs of food waste to be composted 2,414    lbs total waste diverted from landfill 83%       total diversion rate 27%        food waste diversion rate 56%        recycling diversion rate 89           volunteers + staff 276         number of scale weigh-ins 3.6          MTCO2e avoided from recyclables 0.4          MTCO2e avoided from food waste 4              total MTCO2E avoided from all waste diverted The food waste collected is being recycled by Solana Center using an innovative County-approved process, believed to be the first-ever use of Bokashi to compost event-generated food waste. The Bokashi composting method is used for composting all organic waste, including meat, dairy and liquids. A special to thank you to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this a truly green event!