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Start Harvesting Rainwater!

Despite being in a severe drought, Californians let billions of gallons of fresh water go down the drain every year. One of the biggest misconceptions is that it doesn’t rain in Southern California.  The average annual rainfall in San Diego County is approximately 9.9 inches per year on the coast and in excess of 40 inches per year in the inland mountains. The fact is, we throw away most of that water because rather than collecting it, we let it run into the storm sewer (storm drain) and into the ocean. Rainwater harvesting is a cost-effective solution to California’s water shortage. Harvesting rainwater simply refers to capturing the water that flows off our roofs and down our streets each time it rains.  Just 1” of rain yields approximately 600 gallons per every 1000 sq. ft. of roof space. Installing rain barrels allows you to capture and retain the water for later use.  It’s always best to use a container made specifically for saving water (such as a rain barrel) rather than buckets, garbage cans or other home-made containers. Rain barrels are designed to keep bugs and debris out of the water, helping to prevent mosquito invasions. There are so many benefits to installing rain barrels at your home:

  • Saves money on your water bill. Rain water is a free source of fresh water for your garden and landscape.
  • Conserves water during drought. Harvesting this precious resource is critical in drought-stricken Southern California. It reduces how much water you have to pump in from other parts of the state, which also saves electricity.
  • Reduces urban run-off, which pollutes our watershed and ocean.

How to Get Started

 Solana Center for Environmental Innovation is offering discounted Ivy rain barrels for a limited time. The Ivy rain barrel is high quality, made of 100% of recycled content and comes with everything you need to assemble, collect and use rain water. Barrels can easily be daisy chained with no added cost - all components included, even a 6' long overflow hose. Click here to view the specs sheet. Discounted Rain Barrels Available Pre-order discounted rain barrels online now for pick up in Encinitas starting January 5th. Don't forget to apply for your rebate! Visit SoCal Water$mart's rainbarrel rebate page. $75.00 rebates on up to 4 rain barrels are available for SoCal customers. For more info visit Solana Center's website. Happy rainwater harvesting!