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What to do with WEEDS!

 The winter rains have helped green our landscapes but what to do with the weeds? Many can be eliminated by cutting them down and covering the area with a thick layer of mulch. Those greens weeds contain many nutrients so they are a great addition to your compost pile but it is best to remove them before they go to seed. Use gloves when removing stinging nettles since you may have a temporary skin reaction when you rub against the weeds. Did you know that stinging nettles can be used to make a compost tea? Nettles are a great foliar feeder since they are high in N-P-K as well as magnesium, sulfur, and iron. To make this compost tea, simply fill a bucket half way with compost and top it off with water. Cover the bucket to prevent mosquito infestation and also the fermentation brew does not have a pleasant smell. Steep the mixture for two weeks, stirring occasionally. Dilute the liquid to about 10 parts water to 1part nettle tea and use it directly on plants or your grow beds. The plant material at the bottom can then go into your compost pile.