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What's Your Power Plan?

 In California, emergencies come in many forms -- wild fires, earthquakes and storms or school or work emergencies.  That’s why we need to be prepared for emergencies at any time and on any scale by having an emergency plan. Emergencies can require or cause disruption to gas and electric service. Our partners at SDG&E encourage you to remain POWERful before and during emergencies by creating a Power Plan in advance. Your plan should be tailored to meet your specific situation, such as preparing for elderly and disabled family members as well as pets. Your plan should be reviewed and updated annually. Power Plan BEFORE AN EMERGENCY

  • Update your contact information in My Account & enroll in alerts to be contacted if your power is out
  • For those with medical conditions that requires access to energy use, enroll in SDG&E’s Medical Baseline program which provides not only a bill discount but notifications should power be disrupted.
  • Identify places near your home, work and school that have back-up power available in the event of a sustained outage.
  • Keep your car’s gas tank at least half full. Remember it takes electricity to pump gas.
  • Refresh your emergency kit. Connect to checklists here.