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Rainwater: Catch it Solana Beach

The City of Solana Beach is encouraging residents to save water by teaming up with Solana Center for Environmental Innovation to offer discounted rain barrels. Recently, the San Diego region has received some much-needed rain. However, one week of rain doesn't make up for four years of historic drought. The discounted rain barrels are available to pre-order online and cost $90. There is a $75 rebate which would bring the price to only $15 per rain barrel! 

Even after the El Nino season, it is predicted that California will still be in a drought. In Solana Beach, with the coastal climate, water conservation needs to be a way of life. City and water officials are urging residents to use rain barrels to capture the rain from their rooftops, which will save thousands of gallons of reusable water. Just 1” of rain yields 600 gallons per every 1000 sq. ft. of roof space. 

In addition to saving water and money by collecting reusable water, rain barrels also help protect our watershed and oceans. Urban water runoff is the #1 source of ocean pollution. Using rain barrels reduces urban runoff and keeps our surfers happy and healthy. 

Rain barrels allow gardeners to collect and reuse rainwater on their plants. Rainwater captured in rain barrels is healthier for plants because it’s free of the salts, minerals and chemicals that are found in municipal treated water. Composting and mulch will also retain more of the moisture in the landscape. 

Reusing rain water saves energy by not having to transport water to your faucet for your lawn. Moving water is actually the single largest use of electricity in California. 

Solana Center makes it easy to start harvesting rainwater. Currently Solana Beach residents can pre-order at and pick up their rain barrels at Solana Center in Encinitas in March. 

Rain barrels still qualify for a $75 rebate available on a first-come, first-served basis until exhausted, through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California at For more information about Solana Center’s rain barrel program, contact Elaine Martin at

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