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Less to Landfill

California state legislation AB 1826 requires businesses generating a significant amount of organic material to arrange for organics recycling in order to keep that material out of the landfill. By Jan 1, 2019 this regulation affects businesses that generate 4 cubic yards of any type of solid waste per week.

Solana Center will suggest simple steps, customized for your business or restaurant, to ensure that you are in compliance with state waste disposal requirements.

Solana Center will send one representative into your business or restaurant to first observe the space, current waste receptacle locations, and speak with a staff member to understand what days to audit the waste stream in order to obtain a representative sample. The representative will then come back to audit the waste stream. The Solana Center will provide your restaurant or business with a report outlining waste audit analyses and recommendations to reduce organic waste to landfill. Solutions could stem from connecting with edible food donation entities, sending food to partner farms for animal feed, or to begin a relationship with a local compost hauler. Finally, Solana Center will assist your restaurant or business with signage and training staff members on providing contaminant-free organic waste.

Thanks to Solana Center’s contracts with the City of Encinitas and the City of Del Mar, this service is provided FREE to restaurants and businesses within Del Mar and Encinitas city limits!


  • Cost savings
  • Ensured compliance
  • Marketing boost
  • Environmental value


A fast food restaurant in Encinitas saved $250/month in hauling fees with the Less to Landfill program, and it was easy.

The training costs were negligible.  The program was rolled out during the regular crew meeting and follow up consisted of a notice posted in the break area.  Aside from forwarding email reports and two follow up phone calls, we achieved our success rate with no other effort. -  Anonymous

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Contact Solana Center's Zero Waste Coordinator to get your business started with Less to Landfill: | (760) 436-7986 ex.714