Summer Quarterly Newsletter – 2022

Dear Solana Center Community,

Summertime is around the bend, marking the halfway point in 2022. I am humbled by the success you help Solana Center achieve through your volunteerism, financial contributions, participation in our programs, and waste diversion efforts. The continuing rollout of food waste curbside collection throughout the region is requiring habit change in both households and businesses. We are here to help the region reduce, donate, and recycle all surplus food. As I learned at the national ReFED Food Waste Solutions Summit last month, it’s natural to overestimate our short-term needs and conveniences; while underestimating the big picture impacts of climate change and food justice. Our team aims to change that thinking.

Solana Center is driven by contributing to a greener San Diego and your involvement is so valued. Together, we can keep valuable resources from going to waste!

Looking forward to the coming months, we are excited to offer a variety of educational workshops, webinars, and volunteer opportunities. Join us to learn more about incorporating low-waste practices into your everyday routine in a free, fun, and interactive way. 

As always, our team is standing by to provide one-on-one support for zero waste and composting via our Rotline. Give us a call at (760)436-7986 x700, or email

Sustainably yours,

Jessica Toth
Executive Director

Rotline Question: What are the white things in my worm bin?

Answer: Spot something unfamiliar in your worm bin? Don’t fret, you are likely to find many organisms other than worms in your worm bin! Like backyard composting, you will see a diverse, interdependent community of large and small organisms. So what are those tiny white things in my worm bin? We answer that in our blog post.


How can I reduce the amount of water I use when composting?

Water conservation is an important concern for all homeowners and gardeners in California these days, especially in Southern California as it gets into the warmer summer months. Did you know that using compost in your yard and garden helps to reduce the amount of watering that your plants need by improving soil structure and, thus, the soil’s ability to retain moisture and get it to the roots? We shared a few tips for reducing the amount of water necessary for creating and maintaining your compost bin or pile to help weather the ongoing drought.

Thank you to all who joined us at a volunteer event and helped make our Earth Month outreach possible!

Sponsored by the County of San Diego

Sponsored by the City of San Diego


Sponsored by the County of San Diego

Sponsored by the County of San Diego

June 11 Vermicomposting & Worm Bin Basics – Introduction to how easy it is to compost with worms
June 18Getting Started with Vermicomposting – Setting up a “happy home” and feeding your worms
June 25From Care to Castings – Year-round care, troubleshooting, and harvesting your soil amendments

Sponsored by the County of San Diego

Sponsored by the City of San Diego

Sponsored by the City of San Diego

Need help with your composting? We’re here for you. 

Schedule a free consultation with one of our staff composting experts to troubleshoot your compost issues. Unincorporated County of San Diego and City of San Diego residents can easily book a 1:1 meeting with the link below. 

Generously funded by the County of San Diego and City of San Diego

Additionally, all are encouraged to give us a call on the Rotline with any compost questions at (760)436-7986 x700, or email


These programs are offered through generous support from the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, and the City of Encinitas.