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David Levy

Board Member

David Levy contributes to all IT needs at the Solana Center and loves solving technical challenges. Before joining the Board, he was familiar with the Solana Center and was inspired to support its mission when a fellow Board member and previous co-worker at Kashi asked him to get involved.

He is currently employed as an IT Business Partner at a local Health and Technology company.  He has an Associate's Degree in Electronics Engineering and extensive and diverse experience in the technology field. He traveled the world testing and deploying wireless communication systems for many years, along with doing some "can you hear me now" testing on cell phones. Among many "MacGyver-type" skills, he once fixed a remote control for a ceiling-mounted overhead projector at a local elementary school...with a paperclip. The teacher was thrilled. David strives to live by Tikkun Olam (tee-KOON, oh-LUHM), a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness and performed to repair the world. He likes to leave things better than they were. 

A California native, he loves the outdoors and staying active - mostly cycling on and off road, some camping, venturing to remote areas, hiking, some beach time, enjoying time with the family.  He loves recycling and also dabbles in planting and growing food at home, composting, and worms.