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Jessi Goralski

Community Liaison & Volunteer Coordinator

Jessi's role at Solana Center is Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator. She facilitates community outreach across the entire organization, including school outreach, community events, and functioning as business liaison. 

Jessi comes from an arts background where she worked to support creative engagements for a variety of communities. As a community-minded person, Jessi supports the idea that humans, plants, animals, and other organisms are living in community, and building quality relationships with our non-human neighbors is essential to supporting the well-being of each other and the planet. Throughout her previous roles, Jessi passionately supported social and environmental justice, and her desire to become more directly involved in environmental protection led her to volunteer at Solana Center before she was hired in her current position. She appreciates and advocates the role of creativity in navigating the climate crisis, and hopes to use her experience in the arts to support innovative environmental solutions as best she can. Jessi obtained her Bachelor's degree in the majors of Anthropology and Art from UC Santa Cruz in 2017. 

In her free-time, Jessi spends time in the ocean, works in her garden, and continues her own creative practice: she enjoys natural dying, making paint, and seeking other zero-waste art forms.