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Leia Berube

Environmental Solutions Lead

Leia Berube is an Environmental Solutions Lead at Solana Center. Leia has recently moved to the San Diego area from Maine, where she found a passion for sustainability and environmental science at a young age. Leia followed her passion through school and decided to receive her Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in Environmental Science and minors in Chemistry and Sustainability. While studying at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Leia carried out several projects and internships including, a public health internship at Environmental Health Strategy Center/Prevent Harm, a waste management internship and project at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, and the sustainable business internship at Manomet. 

After graduating from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Leia completed her master’s degrees at Unity College, obtaining a Master’s of Sustainable Business Administration degree. She explored the relationship between businesses and sustainability/environmental science. While obtaining her master’s degree, Leia worked with several small businesses in Maine regarding sustainability practices. She was able to help one small coffee shop in Maine implement several sustainability practices into their business. 

Leia is excited to work and engage with the community and businesses to make a positive change. Leia likes to travel, cook, go to the beach, and explore more of the San Diego area in her free time.