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Nam-Huy Leduc

Environmental Educator
(760) 436-7986 ex. 709

Nam-Huy Leduc is an Environmental Educator for Solana Center. His journey deep into compost began in Seattle, where he experimented and learned the ways of backyard composting with worms, and eventually working on the University of Washington’s small urban farm as a graduate student. Serving as the project lead in establishing UW’s first-ever organic certification revealed to Nam that growing food can take effort, but the rewards are sustainably joyful.

In 2020, Nam graduated from UW’s Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences with a Masters of Public Health, and a focus in One Health — which examines the relationships between humans, animals, and the environment. His sights were set on bringing the One Health perspective and vermicomposting project to a small Tibetan settlement colony in south India through the Fulbright scholarship to cultivate a waste-diverting, soil-building, food-growing, community-strengthening experience — from the ground up. After reaching the Semi-Finalist round, Nam pivoted his skills and energy instead, back home to his local community.

A southern California native and UC Irvine alumni, Nam served the communities of Orange County, LA County, and King County as an EMT and CPR/First Aid Instructor for 5 years before realizing his passion to foster the human-worm bond through subtle and mindful actions in disposing of our waste for these lowly, humble creatures. He also spends his time outdoors admiring wildlife and helping raise a miniature teacup pig. As some of his late great idols Bruce Lee and Kobe Bryant once said, “Compost is a state of mind.” (...kidding! That is just Nam.)