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Serena Pelka

Environmental Solutions Lead
(760) 436-7986 x714

As the Zero Waste Lead, Serena brings a range of experiences from working at various nonprofits, with community organizations, and in local government and academia. She has engaged in work focused on peacebuilding, immigration, and environmental justice and is dedicated to building community resilience by continuing to pursue community-focused and equity-based action.

Serena has always been fascinated by the relationships between people and the environment and is passionate about helping foster those connections that bring people closer to each other and the Earth. She is excited to provide environmental sustainability support services across the San Diego region and work to build a more connected and sustainable community through public education and outreach.

Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Serena earned a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree in Environmental Governance from the University of Guelph and graduated with a Master of Development Practice from the University of Waterloo. In her free time, Serena can most definitely be found walking the beach with her dog, Bruno.