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Tulsi Moore

Food Cycle & Solana Center Store Lead
(760) 436-7986 ext.725

Tulsi Moore runs the Solana Center's Food Cycle community compost program. Tulsi was born and raised in Kumeyaay territory now known as North County San Diego.
After graduating highschool, she spent her early 20's traveling the US and abroad, visiting 20 countries over the last 8 years. Stemming from her cumulative travels, spending most of her life in and around the ocean, and inheriting a deep love and fascination for the natural world from her father, she is committed to living her life in right relationship with the earth and all it's inhabitants.  

 Her education is gathered from her explorations abroad, and an endless sense of wonder and curiosity for the world around her and her place in it. She considers herself a forever-student in life and is constantly learning from the various experiences and teachers she comes into contact with. She has spent time working on farms, volunteering around the world through WorkAway and Wwoofing, living in different countries, and trying on many different hats for work.  

Over the last 6 years, Tulsi has been attending and helping to produce various events and gatherings centered around skillshare and nature-based crafts and teachings. Mainly the Spirit Weavers Gathering, which takes place every year in Oregon. Through this event, she's gathered an array of skills, tools, lifestyles, and hobbies surrounding art, craft, sustainability, community building, and ancestral skills, all which bring her closer to living more sustainably and harmoniously with nature and community. 

These various teachings and interests led her toward learning to compost and grow her own food, and she completed Solana Center's Master Composting Course in 2020.  After completing the course, she began volunteering and then working for the Solana Center, leading the Food Cycle program as well as managing the Solana Center Store. 

She is grateful and excited to be bringing her experiences and learning back home, in service and commitment to the earth and her community through her work with facilitating the Food Cycle program at the Solana Center.