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At Solana Center, our mission is to mobilize the local community to address our region’s most pressing environmental issues.

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Advancing Environmental Innovation

With expertise in multiple areas of sustainability, as well as state, regional, and national policy, Solana Center’s programming and outreach provide innovative solutions to businesses and community members in the areas of Zero Waste, composting, water conservation, and more.

I am proud to have Solana Center within my supervisorial jurisdiction. I commend Solana Center for their efforts in waste reduction, pioneering recycling in the region and now developing cutting-edge solutions for organic waste.

- Dave Roberts, former Vice Chairman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors 

Through education and action, we guide businesses to sustainable practices and empower students, adults, and organizations to become environmental stewards in their communities.

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Why Zero Waste?

Sending waste to landfills has a significant impact on the environment. In San Diego, our waste requires 706,000 tons of landfill capacity annually, and it releases 127,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases each year. However, 56% of that waste is edible or compostable, and 21% of it is recyclable. Instead of wasting away as trash, these materials could be used as valuable resources.

By 2040, the region aims to divert all waste from landfills. Solana Center intends to be part of the solution, promoting recycling, identifying sources of food waste, and supporting composting at home, school, and work.

The Importance of Soil and Composting

Composting is a key part of a strong Zero Waste strategy. It is the process by which organic waste, such as food and yard trimmings, is turned into a valuable soil amendment. Turning waste into compost reduces the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from landfills. It’s also good for our soil. Plants grown in compost-amended soils are healthier, more disease resistant, and more drought tolerant. These benefits come without the need for chemical soil additives, like fertilizer, which can end up in our rivers and oceans and negatively affect marine ecosystems.

Water Conservation and Protection

Water scarcity is an important issue in Southern California, and it will continue to be for years to come. Despite experiencing one of the worst droughts in California’s history, we let billions of gallons of fresh water drain into the ocean, often carrying with it land-based pollution. Through our educational efforts and campaigns, we aim to teach how vital watersheds are and why they should be protected. Solana Center offers educational, outreach, and retail programs that address watershed protection, water conservation systems, and marine debris prevention.

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