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Since 1983, Solana Center has been at the forefront of environmental innovation and change in the San Diego region. With the help of our dedicated supporters, volunteers, and staff, we have become a leader in addressing the region's most pressing environmental issues and enacting impactful change, such as:

  • Educating our community on environmental issues and solutions
  • Diverting waste throughout San Diego from landfills, reducing greenhouse gases
  • Running programs across the county to help save water as well as keeping our watersheds healthy and clean
  • Creating new solutions to the environmental challenges facing our region

​​Now you can make a HUGE difference in your community by becoming a Solana Center member! 

Our members are key to helping us further our mission and grow our innovative programs to reach and educate more San Diegans, divert more waste, reduce more greenhouse gases, and continue to innovate for the benefit of our region and our planet. And, every dollar of your membership goes right back into our community, helping us to improve the environmental health of San Diego. 

Please join as a member today! You are CRITICAL to our environmental initiatives to make lasting improvements to our soil, our water, and our waste diversion. Whether your passion is food waste, water conservation, recycling, zero waste, or composting, your membership is going directly towards our programs, education, and initiatives that make San Diego better, healthier, and more environmentally sound. 

Please join as a member today, and make a huge difference in our community! 

Become a Solana Center Member!

Join Solana Center and help us address the environmental issues that impact San Diego! 

Besides the gratification of helping us fulfill our mission, here's what you get:
  • Early access to select volunteer opportunities, special events, tours, and workshops
  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Annual members newsletter
  • Recognition as a member on our website and in our newsletter
  • Solana Center sticker to show your support out in the community

Choose your membership level! Membership starts as low as $35:

  • $35 Eco Friend
  • $50 Eco Contributor
  • $100 Eco Supporter
  • $250 Eco Steward
  • $500 Eco Ambassador
  • $1000 Eco Protector
  • $2000 Eco Innovator
  • $5000 Eco Guardian
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