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Getting Started with Vermicomposting Workshop - Fallbrook

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Composting with worms is a fun and easy way to turn your household food waste into a rich soil amendment. In this workshop you'll learn about the needs of red wiggler worms and how to provide for them as you set up your worm bin. This is Part 2 of our 3-part series, "All About Vermicomposting."

Join Solana Center for this workshop where our experienced educators will discuss the unique physiology of red wiggler worms and explain how to prepare bedding for a worm bin, introduce and feed your worms, and ensure your wiggly friends are comfortable in their new home. 

This workshop will cover

  • The anatomy of our special red wiggler worms 

  • Ingredients needed for worms to reproduce and thrive

  • What worms can eat and methods for feeding food scraps

  • Other compost critters found in healthy worm bin

Join us for the rest of the "All About Vermicomposting" series 
Helping the Earth- one worm bin at a time!
Learn how easy it is to build a home for red wigglers composting worms. This series will teach you the ins and outs of using red wiggler worm to eat your food scraps and prepare you for vermicomposting in your home or apartment.
Each class will include visual, hands-on demonstrations of vermicomposting systems. Unique content will be covered each week, so we recommend attending all three! Please register for each class that you plan to attend:

June 11 - Vermicomposting & Worm Bin Basics - Vermicomposting benefits, and selecting or constructing a worm bin

June 25 - From Care to Castings - Year-round care, troubleshooting and harvesting

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June 18th, 2022 9:00 AM   through   10:30 AM
*New ownership - same site. Now: Hawthorne Country Store, and Fallbrook Fertilizer, Feed & Farm Supply
215 W. Fallbrook St.
Fallbrook, CA 92028
United States
Main Phone: (760) 436-7986  ext. 700
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