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Food Waste Prevention Webinar for Commercial Kitchens

Join us in partnership with the City of Carlsbad-Sustainable Materials Management Division for a free webinar specifically for Carlsbad restaurant owners, managers, chefs and cooks discussing strategies to reduce waste, save money & get ahead of state regulations impacting your business.

The cost of food waste is $25 billion to restaurants alone with restaurants losing on average over 4% of sales value on wasted food. At a time when every dollar matters, restaurants can learn how to reduce their food waste and keep that money in their business instead of sending it to the landfill. If interested in joining, please select between the first two sessions being held virtually on Tuesday, 10/20 or Wednesday, 10/28 at 10 - 11 am PT. Click the link to register as a participant:



The webinar will provide actionable takeaways to ensure success for businesses as California begins enforcing commercial and organic recycling legislation that impacts  businesses including:  

  • AB341 – Mandatory Commercial Recycling – Recycling requirements for businesses  

  • AB1826 Mandatory Organics Recycling – Organics (including food waste) recycling requirements for businesses generating over 4CY of solid waste per week  

  • AB827 - Making composting and recycling services accessible to customers via bins and signage. 

  • SB1383 - Regulated businesses and residents must participate in mandatory organic collection and food generating businesses must recover edible food for donation. 

We look forward to sharing the impacts of food waste on the bottom line as well as the environment, food waste prevention tips for back and front of the house, how to properly divert excess food to donate to those in need, as well as options for recycling food waste as a fast-paced business.

*NOTE: We have limited seats and are prioritizing attendance to businesses and food industry professionals in Carlsbad only at this time. Thank you for your understanding!