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Corporate Sponsorship

Support San Diego's Leading Environmental Innovators

Make a difference in the community and reach thousands of San Diegans!

Help us reduce waste, save water, educate and raise environmental awareness.

Want to make a HUGE difference in your community?

Our corporate sponsors are key to helping us further our mission to address the region's most pressing environmental issues and enact impactful change. Every dollar given goes right back into the community by:

  • Educating individuals and businesses on environmental issues and solutions
  • Diverting waste from our landfills, reducing greenhouse gases
  • Saving water and keeping our watersheds healthy and clean
  • Creating new solutions to the environmental challenges facing our region

When you sponsor Solana Center, your dollars stay in the community, and they go directly to solutions that impact climate change, community health, and the financial challenges they cause.  Your sponsorship dollars help make San Diego healthier, cleaner and more environmentally aware. 

Sponsorship options

We have a range of areas to focus your sponsorship that will allow your company to find the issues and audiences that fit your corporate priorities. All sponsorships are tax-deductible and will be recognized on our extensive social media channels, website, and in our newsletter. 

Green Living Tour

Our Green Living Tour is a free monthly  community tour given to San Diegans who want to learn more about all aspects of sustainability. Whether it's about water conservation, zero waste, worms, compost, or recycling, visitors come to learn about all the ways to live a green life. Reach hundreds of locals in this community who are engaged, passionate eco stewards.

Food Cycle Program

Reach local San Diegans passionate about food and food waste as a sponsor of our innovative Food Cycle program, a program that allows local households and businesses to divert their food waste by bringing it to Solana Center to turn into nutrient-rich compost. Connect with our Food Cycle audience of environmental early adopters and those who are dedicated to reducing food waste in their lives. 

Your organization will gain valuable visibility in our community while showing your environmental support when you sponsor a Solana Center program. Want to sponsor more than one program? We can make that happen, just contact us to work out the details!


Email for more information.