Composting and Manure Management Workshop – San Marcos

May 21, 2023 10:00AM—11:30AM


Walnut Grove Park, 1950 Sycamore Dr, San Marcos, CA 92069

Cost Free



At this workshop, you will learn how you can both protect your local watershed and produce a fantastic soil amendment by composting large animal manure. Improper disposal of manure is unsightly, breeds flies, may create health hazards, and can contaminate local streams and water sources. Composting is easy and inexpensive, and can help reduce these issues. Using composted manure on your garden and landscaping will also help your plants thrive and conserve water, too! 

This workshop will cover:

  • Basic composting
  • Manure composting
  • Manure management
  • Preventing odors and flies
  • Benefits of composting
  • Protecting local water sources

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