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5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Looking for some simple ways to make a difference this Earth Day?

Solana Center's got you covered. 

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

1. Volunteer

Love getting your hands dirty? Looking for an opportunity to volunteer with kids? Want to help others reduce waste? We have a variety of volunteer opportunities to make a difference throughout San Diego County.  Whether you have a little bit of time to give or a lot, being a Solana Center volunteer is an excellent way to give back directly to the San Diego environment. 

2. Donate 

Make a donation to help us fund more workshops, divert more waste, and educate more San Diegans on how to become better environmental stewards. Every dollar you donate will go directly to funding the work necessary to make real change to the environment. Want to make an even bigger impact? Consider becoming a monthly donor!

3. Join Food Cycle

Looking for a way to deal with your food waste before it ends up in the landfill, but not able to compost yourself? Sign up for Food Cycle, a drop-off composting program for local homes and businesses. By joining Food Cycle, you can keep your food waste out of San Diego's landfills and prevent the creation of greenhouse gases while closing the loop between organic waste and healthy soil. 

4. Become a Solana Center member

Solana Center has a vision of a future with landfills free of edible, compostable, or recyclable materials; watersheds that are clean and vibrant; and soil that is regenerative and healthy. Becoming a member can help us make that vision a reality. Your membership shows your support of our work (and you even get a sticker you can show off)! 

5. Recycle your electronic waste

Did you know that electronic waste (such as computers, tvs, phones, printers, and cameras) represents only 2% of the solid waste stream, but accounts for 70% of the hazardous waste which is deposited in landfills? Instead of throwing many of those old electronics away, bring them to Solana Center to be recycled during our business hours Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Through a partnership with Urban Corps of San Diego, we can take select electronics and save them from the landfill. (And don't forget your batteries and lightbulbs too!)

This Earth Day, remember that even small actions add up to big impacts. Every step you take to protect our environment matters!