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Kashi Volunteers at Our Eco Innovation Campus


Last month we held an extra special volunteer event for Kashi, an eco-conscious company and long time supporter of Solana Center. As another act of service to Solana Center and the environment, Kashi brought their team of 65 local and national employees to help care for the Eco Learning Lab and Infield Farm at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. We spent the morning painting, planting, building, harvesting, and getting hands-on with sustainability, all while enjoying a gorgeous day of sun and sea breezes. 

With eight staff, five Solana Center volunteers, and 65 Kashi volunteers, we ​built 12 compost sifters, painted 12 display panels, harvested over 200 lbs of worm castings, planted, weeded, trimmed, cleared, harvested, and prepped beds for new crops in just two hours of farm fun! A total of 144 volunteer hours were invested, allowing us to accomplish so many things together! 

We had an awesome day of dirt-filled, team building activities with 65 Kashi employees from around the Country. Volunteers helping volunteers help our community help the planet, what could be better?


Stephanie Mongelluzzo

If you know a business that may be interested in coordinating a similar employee engagement program, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Bookstein at