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New High Usage Charge Rolled Out

Did you know that a state-mandated High Usage Charge went into effect on November 1, 2017?  This charge applies to electricity use that is more than four times the amount of Baseline Allowance. Our partner, SDG&E has provided important information about these changes.  Dig in and understand your options!

How Much Is It?

The High Usage Charge is a higher price per kilowatt-hour above tier 2. 

What should you do?

Know Your Baseline

Baseline Allowance is the amount of electricity allotted for basic needs and varies by season, where you live and if your home has just electricity, or both natural gas and electricity. 

Calculate your baseline here

Get Alerts to Save

Subscribing to High Usage text or email alerts so you'll know when you are approaching or have reached energy use triggering the High Use Charge.

Enroll in Alerts here

Explore Your Pricing Plan Options

Time-of-use pricing plans are not subject to the High Usage Charge. You can evaluate your available options in My Account. Please be aware that the current peak hours change to 4pm to 9 pm starting December 1.

For more information about how to save visit