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Volunteer Spotlight - Jill Giraud

Solana Center volunteer, Jill Giraud shares how she got involved with Solana Center and why she generously donates her time.

How did you find Solana Center and why do you volunteer with us? 

I have been on Solana Center’s mailing list for years, and have bought composters and rain barrels here. I read about all the advertised compost trainings and sadly passed them throughout my employed life because I did not have enough time. 

When I retired and was looking around for productive ways to be of service, Solana Center was a no-brainer. Now I have finally obtained formal education in composting and my pile is hot! (sometimes)

What is your background in sustainability?

It’s all personal for me; I recycle whatever I can, catch rainwater, reuse water from my RO water filter, compost – whatever I can do. I like to collect unused composters, clean them up, and start my friends and acquaintances out composting with them.

What is your favorite way (or ways) you reduce your carbon footprint/care for the environment?

Definitely composting.  I learned to compost at a commune in Oakland in the early 70s, and have been composting ever since.  Wherever I have lived I have tried to always improve the earth around me. From using fantastic flashy store-bought composters to burying my garbage in the dirt. I never seem to stop.

Volunteers, like Jill, are vital to our sustainability projects. From waste audits to classroom presentations, we need your help to keep making a difference! Want to join our family of volunteers? Sign up here, or contact us: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 707.