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Collect Rainwater Now with a Discounted Rain Barrel from Solana Center

ENCINITAS—Solana Center for Environmental Innovation (Solana Center) and the County of San Diego (County) are offering discounted rain barrels to encourage residents to collect and conserve rainwater. By using a rain barrel, San Diegans can collect up to 50 gallons of water to use later outdoors, reduce runoff to the ocean and save money on their water bill.

Unincorporated County residents can purchase a rain barrel for as low as $25 thanks to a discount provided by the County of San Diego. City residents pay just $55 per rain barrel (after rebate from the San Diego County Water Authority) on up to 2 rain barrels per household.

“Rain barrels provide an easy way to conserve water for reuse on watering outdoor plants and landscapes,” said program manager Jackie Bookstein. “This is a great opportunity to purchase rain barrels for less and install them before the next rains arrive.”

Reducing runoff from driveways, streets, and sidewalks also keeps harmful pollutants from reaching beaches and waterways, and collects untreated water in a rain barrel to be distributed with a hose when and where plants need it most. Just 1” of rain yields 600 gallons per 1000 sq. ft. of roof space. That's a lot of free, fresh water for San Diegans to capture and help their plants thrive. The rain barrels provided also gather water without encouraging mosquitoes.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. Choose a rain barrel distribution event –
    • Spring Valley on Feb. 22nd(pre-order by Feb. 16th) or
    • Ramona on Feb. 29th(pre-order by Feb. 22nd)
  2. Pre-order your rain barrel online:
  3. After receiving your confirmation, bring your printed receipt and pick up your rain barrel:

Discounts are provided by the County of San Diego and rebates are offered by the San Diego County Water Authority. A group discount has been negotiated by Solana Center.