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Worm Care Guide

  1. Keep the lid on the bin to protect the worms from light, to prevent escapees, and to keep flies/pests out.
  2. Keep bedding damp! When bedding gets dry, add water slowly. A layer of damp newspaper or coffee filters on top helps seal in moisture.
  3. Break or tear food into small pieces to encourage faster processing.
  4. Bury food below the top layer of bedding.
  5. Try not to overfeed. Check if worms are eating the food they already have before adding more. (You can freeze excess scraps!)
  6. Keep the bin indoors or in the shade, never in direct sunlight. Ideal temperature is 55-75°F (never below 32°F or above 90°F). 

Worm Menu

Worms LOVE to eat:

  • Fruit Pieces & Peels (Woem favorites: Bananas, Melons, Avocados)
  • Vegetable Pieces & Peels Coffee Grounds
  • Tea Bags Egg Shells Shredded Newspaper 

Worms DISLIKE (but will eat SMALL amounts of):

  • Citrus pieces & peels (Ex: Oranges, Lemons, Limes)
  • Spicy Foods (Ex: Jalapeños, Onions)
  • Plain Bread, Pasta, Cereal, Leaves & Yard waste 

Worms CANNOT eat:

  • Meat
  • Fish Dairy Products (Ex: Milk, cheese)
  • Oily Foods Salty Foods Glossy/Shiny Paper 

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