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Conserve & Protect Water

Solana Center staff with rain barrel

San Diegans are very proud of our beaches, rivers, lakes, and lagoons, and we have a responsibility to protect these vital areas. We can do that through responsible use of water and by preventing polluted rainwater runoff from entering our natural waterways.

Harvest Rainwater

Catching rain in barrels not only saves water for use in gardening and landscaping, but also prevents rainwater from draining to the ocean and picking up contaminants along the way. Learn more about rain water harvesting, or purchase a rain barrel online for pick up at Solana Center or special event locations around the County (see purchase page for upcoming events). 

Keep Our Beaches & Bays Clean

Motor oil, soap, fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste, and window cleaner are just a few common contaminants polluting our beloved oceans.

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