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Composting & Gardening

Composting is optimizing a natural process that converts food and yard waste into a nutrient-rich, water-retaining soil amendment which promotes healthy soil. It is one of our areas of expertise and a central part of our educational outreach.                                         

Composting is vital to a strong Zero Waste strategy and is a cornerstone of organic gardening. We teach people how to grow their own food, which is good for their mind, body and soul, and benefits the earth as well.

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Master Composter Program

For anyone who wants to take composting to the next level, we offer a multi-session course that “digs deeper.”

Through a combination of hands-on activities and in-classroom learning, attendees gain composting knowledge and confidence.

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School Composting & Waste Reduction

Our goal is to introduce composting to younger generations and salvage school waste.

Schools and classrooms are fantastic places to introduce the sustainable practice of composting while teaching science to boot. Our environmental educators help teachers set up worm bins, school garden composting, and offer educational presentations.

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Composting Workshops

Solana Center’s workshops empower community members to divert waste and enrich their gardens through composting.

We offer training that covers both traditional composting and vermicomposting (worm-enhanced composting), often at no cost to the public. Community members leave the workshop with the know-how to start composting at home.

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Mid-Scale Composting Training

Reacting to the needs of the region, Solana Center developed a training course for composting operations that exceed home composting in scale.

This course is comprised of a series of workshops and field trips. It is tailored for the unique features of our County, such as our climate and the large number of small farms and horse stables. This training is intended to inform and guide current and future mid-scale composting operators.

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Gardening Workshops

Solana Center offers organic gardening classes, with topics from siting your garden to canning your produce. As a Regional Garden Education Center, Solana Center serves as a resource for those wishing to get more involved in backyard, school, and community gardening.

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