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Zero Waste & Food Recovery

Our Zero Waste and food recovery programs continue the work of our founders who envisioned full service, community-wide recycling that would revolutionize the way San Diegans thought about waste.

Over 70% of the waste that San Diegans send to landfills could be used as a valuable resource instead of being buried forever. Plastic, glass, metal, and paper can be recycled and returned to life as new products. Edible organic waste can be salvaged through food recovery programs, which connect food to people who need it, instead of throwing it away.

Our region lacks the large commercial facilities to handle all the food scrap generated here. That’s why we developed the Food Cycle model, which aims to find the best uses for surplus food. Composting, feeding animals, and creating biofuels keeps non-edible organics out of the landfill, where they would otherwise release methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

More Zero Waste & Composting Resources

Food Cycle Program

Solana Center's Food Cycle Program is a demonstration project for hyper-local food waste diversion. This low-cost service, available to residents and small businesses, allows participants to divert food scraps from the landfill by bringing them to Solana Center. Instead of throwing food waste away, participants can provide food for the soil and contribute to making great compost! 

Help us close the loop between organic waste and healthy soil in San Diego; enroll in our Food Cycle Program today!

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex.714

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Eco Learning Lab

Solana Center's Eco Learning Lab: Mid-Scale Composting Demonstration and Training Center is where food-generating entities – from restaurants and grocers to HOAs and corporate cafeterias – can come to learn about managing their own food waste onsite.

Eco Learning Lab Tour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds

Contact us to book a tour, schedule a consultation, or take a training course: | (760) 436-7986 ex.704

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Less to Landfill

With the Less to Landfill program, we work with your business to minimize waste you send to the landfill. This saves money—potentially thousands of dollars a year--and ensures compliance with state waste disposal requirements.

We begin with a full waste assessment of your business and then suggest simple steps, customized for you. You can even see how you compare with others in terms of waste generation.

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex.714

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Zero Waste Events

Solana Center works with your organization to educate, reduce, and recycle waste at large public events while preserving the environmental integrity of the event locale.

Our team trains staff and volunteers to assist event attendees, audit your waste steam during the event, and suggest solutions to make your event a green success. We also help you tell the story of how you minimized your environmental footprint.

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex.714

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Educational Event Booths

Feature engaging waste diversion education at your community event with Solana Center’s interactive booth!

Staffed by experts and eco-savvy volunteers, our booth incorporates colorful signs, interactive displays, puppets, and even costumed characters! We’ve been a hit at numerous events across San Diego County.

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 704

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Pollution Prevention Campaigns

Solana Center goes into the community to build awareness of high-impact pollution that affects our region.

We bring our outreach to community members in popular gathering places such as schools, the beach, and local events, and educate on pollution in compelling, memorable ways. Costumed characters such as Bagman – who wears a year’s worth of plastic single-use bags –  interact with and educate community members.

Contact us for more information | (760) 436-7986 x.714

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Waste Diversion in Schools

Solana Center educators bring “the four Rs” to children: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot!

Programming includes a variety of activities tailored to schools’ needs, including interactive presentations, recycling station setup, lunch waste sorting, composting and more! Students are empowered to take action both at school and at home.

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 704

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Field Trips

Solana Center Eco Container and Eco Adventure exhibits

Learn ways to reduce your eco footprint by going on our Eco Adventure! Schedule a field trip to our Eco Container in the Del Mar Fairgrounds Infield Farm and join in on the fun.

Contact us for more information: | (760) 436-7986 ex. 704

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