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Food Waste Model

In 10 years, sorting organic material and hazardous waste from our trash will be as widespread as recycling plastics and glass are today.

- Jessica Toth

State laws require that businesses who generate a significant amount of organic materials arrange for recycling to keep it out of the landfill. Still, 39% of San Diego’s landfill is organic waste.

Solana Center is committed to building an organics exchange, connecting supply (grocery stores, restaurants, juice bars, etc.) and demand (food banks, gardens, and farms) to keep valuable resources out of our landfill.

There are multiple benefits of creating Food Cycle:

  • Compliance with state laws restricting organics in landfills
  • Free up landfill space: 700,000 tons / year
  • Create market & jobs: $2,000,000 / year
  • Save local businesses: $20,000,000 total /year
  • Avoid greenhouse gas emissions: 127,000 metric tons / year

Download Food Cycle Booklet