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Take Eco-Action with our Programs!

From water stewardship and waste recovery, to composting, gardening, and sustainable living, our programs focus on both environmental protection and regeneration of beautiful San Diego. We provide education, consulting, and other resources to enable homes, schools, and businesses to go green. All of our programs are available at your location or ours. You can find Solana Center at community events throughout the County.

Learn About Our Programs

Zero Waste & Food Recovery

Over 70% of the waste that San Diegans send to landfills could be used as a valuable resource instead of being buried forever. Our Zero Waste and food recovery programs continue the work of our founders who envisioned full service, community-wide recycling that would revolutionize the way San Diegans thought about waste. > Learn More 

Water Stewardship

We are very proud of our San Diego beaches, rivers, lakes, and lagoons, and believe that San Diegans have a responsibility to protect these vital areas. Through our educational efforts and campaigns, we aim to teach how vital watersheds are, why they should be protected and how everyone can do their part. > Learn More 

Composting & Gardening

Composting is optimizing a natural process that converts food and yard waste into a nutrient-rich, water-retaining soil amendment which promotes healthy soil. It is one of our areas of expertise and a central part of our educational outreach through workshops, Food Cycle community compost program, and hands-on volunteering. > Learn More