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4 Energy and Money Saving New Year's Resolutions

A new year brings new opportunities for making positive changes—and sticking to them. Has the New Year sparked your resolve to save more money and energy? Here are some helpful tools from our partner, SDG&E: 1. CARE Program Did you resolve to save money in 2016? Start now with SDG&E's CARE program – a program that offers you, or someone you know, bill discounts every month. How much of a discount? The CARE program can reduce your energy bill by up to 35%! It’s easy to see if you qualify. Just click on this link: 2. Gas Appliance Check Umbrella-check. Raincoat-check. Gas appliance-check? Yes! Click on the link to schedule a FREE, in-home Gas Appliance Check with San Diego Gas & Electric! 3. Level Pay Plan Want to stick to your budget goals in 2016? @SDGE’s Level Pay Plan will help you stay on course. SDG&E’s Level Pay Plan makes your energy bill more predictable from month to month so you know how much to budget. Check it out: 4. Winter Energy Solutions Video Here comes the rain again!  SDG&E has winter energy solutions that can save you money and keep you safe. Watch this short video to learn more: #espsdge