Across the globe, communities are grappling with the need to prepare for and respond to climate change. With the support of the community and local sponsors, our Climate Solutions Resource Center addresses natural resource protection, waste prevention, and soil health. 

We seek to provide a green space for hands-on education and accessible climate-related tools for all ages and walks of life. Visitors are greeted by a passionate group of staff and volunteers who take action to serve the needs of the greater San Diego community.  Learn more about our on-site programs below!

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Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge to lead low-waste lifestyles in the way that is most achievable and sustainable.

Tool Lending Library

Gardens are an important part of healthy, sustainable communities. With over 150 tools were borrowed last year, this local lending program helps to encourage a circular, sharing economy by minimizing cost barriers for those interested in gardening or completing home projects. 

Solana Center's "library" of garden tools are available for community members to borrow for free and includes a variety of tools, from basic garden spades and pruning tools to a post-driver and a long-handled fruit picker.

Tool lending library
Green convene full set with flowers smaller

Green Convene Dishware Loaner Program

Social gatherings are a central part of a thriving community, but these events tend to result in the unintentional creation of single-use waste. Waste created at these events often cannot be recycled because it is food-soiled or made of non-recyclable material. 

Green Convene is Solana Center’s solution to prevent disposable single-use waste created at gatherings, with 725 place settings rented last year!

E-waste and U-waste Recycling

Did you know that E-waste only represents about 2% of the waste in America's landfills, but equals around 70% of the overall toxic waste? This toxic waste can eventually pollute our groundwater supply.

Seeking out proper recycling of these materials is an easy way to do your part to keep your community healthy and ensure a clean environment for the future.

We collected over 73,000 pounds of e-waste and u-waste materials last year preventing the potential of air, water, and soil contamination.

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Chef in restaurant kitchen

Induction Stove Cooktop Loaner Program

Offered in partnership with San Diego Green Building Council, this program allows residents to explore the benefits of home electrification. Induction cooking protects households from dangerous carbon monoxide, uses less energy, and decreases the environmental impact of using natural gas. Rent the next available cooktop kit for free with easy pick up and drop off at Solana Center or other local sites.

Stop by for a visit!

Located in North County San Diego, we offer regular on-site events including workshops, Fixit Clinics, bi-monthly Green Living Tours, and hands-on volunteer opportunities. These recurring educational events include opportunities to learn how to fix broken items, how to prevent wasted food, the importance of composting, tips for watershed protection, and more.

We look forward to taking climate action with you! 

137 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024

We're open to the public:

Thursdays from 12 - 5 pm & Saturdays from 9 am - 1 pm

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