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U-Waste Update: U-waste (light bulbs and batteries) recycling is CLOSED until further notice. Please visit to find open u-waste recycling sites.

Drop off available Thursdays, 12 - 5 PM, and Saturdays, 9 AM - 1 PM. No appointment is needed!  Please see staff at the front door before unloading. To maintain safety for all parties, all unloading must be performed by the customer, staff will not be able to assist.

 All customers must log their drop-off by clicking the "Log e-waste drop off" link and completing the form. A $5 donation is requested in order to help us continue offering this collection program to the community.

Accepted Items

Solana Center accepts the following e-waste:

  • Appliances - small (blenders, fans, microwaves, electronic razors)
  • Cameras (film, digital, antique, etc.)
  • Cell phones, iPods, tablet, iPads
  • Chargers and cords
  • Christmas Lights
  • Computers and laptops
  • Computer accessories (mice, keyboards, etc)
  • External Hard Drives
  • Electronic toys and games
  • Fax machines
  • Landline phones and answering machines
  • LEDs
  • Monitors/flat panel display
  • MP3 players and CD players
  • Network Equipment (routers, modems, switchboards, etc.)
  • Radios
  • Small home or office printers
  • Speakers, stereos, radios (not wood)
  • Turn Tables
  • TVs
  • VCR, VHS, and DVD players
  • Video Game Systems
  • Walkie Talkies

Items not accepted

Solana Center does not accept any of the following e-waste because they contain radioactive materials or other dangerous contents:

    • Any liquids or powders


    • Air conditioners


    • Carbon Monoxide or Smoke Detectors


    • Dehumidifiers


    • Freezers


    • Hazardous waste


    • Ink cartridges


    • Refrigerators


    • Thermometers


    • Thermostats


    • Wet Cell Batteries


    • Heaters


    • Power tools


    • VHS tapes, CD's, floppy disks


Important: Please remove all sensitive data from devices before drop off. Solana Center takes no responsibility for the handling of personal information left on any device.

U-Waste Recycling Items

What is U-Waste? Also called "universal waste," this includes many hazardous waste items, including fluorescent lamps, cathode ray tubes, instruments that contain mercury, batteries, and others.

Solana Center accepts compact fluorescent (CFL), LED, and other light bulbs for recycling. We do not accept incandescent light bulbs. We also accept old batteries at Solana Center for recycling!

**Please note, due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot accept any u-waste materials for recycling currently. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.** 

Light Bulb Recycling

Battery Recycling

NOTE: Solana Center does not accept Household Hazardous Waste. No medical waste drop-offs are allowed. Please visit the Vista Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility or Poway Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.

Business E-Waste Pick Up

If you are trying to responsibly dispose of E-waste from your business Urban Corps has a free pick-up service! Register online by the second Friday of the month for pickup on the third Wednesday of the month. Urban Corps will contact you to confirm pick-up. All areas of San Diego County are eligible.

Accepted businesses items include:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Computer monitors, mice, and keyboards
  • MP3 players and CD players
  • VCR and DVD players
  • Cell phones and landline phones
  • Small home or office printers
  • Fax machines
  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Electronic toys and games
  • Photo and video cameras
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Thank you for doing your part to keep our community healthy by keeping this toxic hazardous waste out of our landfills and groundwater.

Did you know that E-waste only represents about 2% of the waste in America's landfills, but equals around 70% of the overall toxic waste? This toxic waste can eventually pollute our groundwater supply.



In partnership with Urban Corps

To process e-waste Solana Center partners with Urban Corps - a local nonprofit that provides job training and educational opportunities to struggling youth ages 18-26 years old in the San Diego area.

Urban Corps transports the electronic waste that you drop off to Gold'n West Surplus Inc., a large-scale electronic recycler in Corona, CA which processes 4 million pounds of e-waste per month. They are in line with the strictest industry standards and EPA regulations including ISO1400, OHSAS18001, and R-2 certifications to sustainably recycle E-waste while also protecting the environment and their workers.