Catch that rain! Rain barrel benefits:

Save money by taking advantage of rainwater as a FREE resource.
Promote plant and soil health by watering with chemical-free collected rainwater.
Reduce runoff and pollution to the environment and protect local creeks, streams, and the ocean.
Contribute to water conservation efforts by reducing the need to use potable municipal water for irrigation.
Rain barrel

Purchase Rain Barrels

Start collecting rainwater now! By using a rain barrel, San Diegans can collect water for later use, reduce runoff to the ocean, and save money on their water bill. Reducing runoff from driveways, streets, and sidewalks also keeps harmful pollutants from reaching beaches and waterways. Instead, we can redirect fresh rainwater to our plants that need it most.

Just one inch of rain yields 600 gallons per 1000 sq. ft. of roof space, depending on your roof configuration. That's a lot of free, fresh water for San Diegans to divert and help their plants thrive. In addition to diverting rainwater, the rain barrels provided can store up to 50 gallons of rainwater for later use in a mosquito-proof container.

Planning to come to pick up your pre-purchased barrel? Review our Pick Up Procedures. See below for more details about the Ivy rain barrel, installation, and benefits below.

Discounted Rain Barrels for City of San Diego Residents!*

Twice a year limited-time $75 off discounts on rain barrels (originally $97) are available for City of San Diego residents, made possible by Think Blue San Diego.  

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Get notified when $22 rain barrels are available for City of San Diego Residents.

The $22 rain barrel program will return in Fall 2024. To be notified when sales open, join the interest list below.

Want more information about rainwater harvesting? Learn virtually!

Not sure if a rain barrel is a good fit for your household? Join our webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024, from 6-7 p.m. to learn more! The webinar recording will be available to all registrants after the webinar, whether or not they can make it.

This webinar is designed for City of San Diego residents and will be detailing rebates and discount programs available to City of San Diego residents only.

To find out more about Think Blue San Diego, including information on additional rebates from the City of San Diego, visit ThinkBlue.org.

*200 discounted rain barrels available per year while supplies last. Rain barrel discounts only available for qualified City of San Diego residents only, limited to two per household. Additional barrels are available for purchase from Solana Center with the opportunity for further rebates.

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Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to water leaks or high water bills in your home. Solana Center is proud to offer a $20 discount* on Flume Smart Home Water Meter which gives you down-to-the-minute, easy-to-read, water use reports and insights to help you track your use, catch leaks, and control your bills.**

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Additional $100+ rebates are available for many San Diego County Water District consumers

Check if your water district is offering rebates by filling in your address and selecting “Flow Monitor Device on Utility Meter” under the “Select Device” section here.

LADWP customers are eligible for an INSTANT $150 REBATE. Order your LADWP Flume  here

**The Flume product is compatible with about 95% of water meters in the United States today. However, you should check to see if your meter is compatible before you purchase a Flume device.

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Rain Barrel & Water Meter Rebates

Rebates are available to San Diego residents. Learn more below:

What are the benefits of harvesting rainwater?

There are three main benefits that rainwater harvesting provides, especially in the San Diego region:

Resource Conservation

Rainwater harvesting will help San Diego conserve water, reducing stress on this precious resource. The strain on our water supply is a serious issue. Harvesting rainwater is one of many tools that San Diegans can utilize to help safeguard our water resources. For further water conservation tips, please see the City of San Diego's water conservation tips website.

By conserving water, San Diego also indirectly reduces energy consumption. San Diego gets the majority of its water from the Colorado River and San Joaquin Valley. To transport this water to San Diego pumps powered by electricity are needed. When San Diegans reduce their water consumption they also help California conserve energy by decreasing the amount of water pumped from these two principal sources.

Pollution Prevention

During a storm, water runoff that enters storm drains is not treated and may carry pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers, litter, and heavy metals directly into our creeks, rivers, bays, beaches, and the ocean. Collecting rainwater reduces the amount of stormwater runoff entering nearby water bodies and helps keep San Diego beaches and aquatic systems clean.

Free Water for Gardens & Landscapes

Water from rain harvesting lacks chlorine, fluoride, and dissolved solids, providing terrific water for landscapes. Additionally, this non-potable water is free and may reduce monthly water bills, saving money.

Watering compost pile rain water
What is the key idea behind harvesting rain?

Rainwater is free hydration for your plants and compost! A household or business can easily place a rain barrel below a downspout to collect water for future use. Rainwater is a great water source that lacks the chlorine and salt commonly found in municipal water that plants LOVE! Using rainwater protects both our coasts from pollution and benefits all the microbial life in the soil!

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Why use rain barrels in San Diego?

Sunny San Diego is not a location that pops into someone's mind when they think of rain. But San Diego is exactly the kind of place that needs to harvest rainwater.

Interested in purchasing a discounted rain barrel from Solana Center?

Mosquito 800x600
Mosquitoes: Fight the Bite!

As with any water left outside, it is imporant to make sure mosquitos are kept out of your rain barrel. Check out the San Diego County Department of Enironmental Health's Fight the Bite page for more information.


Features of the Ivy Rain Barrel

Ivy Rain Barrels Info Circles

Installation 'How-To' Video

Ivy provides a new era of design innovation at an economical price. All parts are included for simple installation.

  • Made in the USA using 100% recycled materials!
  • 50-gallon capacity - perfect for homeowners
  • Dark in color to prevent algae growth.
  • Large overflow hose included to divert excess water.
  • Ivy comes with two ports to easily link two or more using existing overflow hose.
  • Screened inlet filters debris and protects against mosquito breeding.
  • Ring pops out for easy cleaning screen.
  • 3/4" HDPE ball valve easily connects to garden hose.
  • Fully drains to prevent stagnant water.
  • Locking child-proof lid, stable when full
  • Gravity fed-no pumps required
  • Easily transport two Ivy barrels in a mid-size sedan
  • Dimensions 42.5"H x 22"D

Further Information from Rainwater Solutions

Installation instructions       Instructions to link multiple Ivy barrels       Maintenance Instructions       2 Year warranty       See full Specs

Have questions about rain barrels or the purchase process?

Contact us at water@solanacenter.org or (760) 436-7986 x700

Have questions about rebates?

Please visit the links in the above rebate sections and contact the agencies directly for assistance.