Solana Center looks to the future with focus on innovation, results, and community responsiveness.


With environmental education as our bedrock, Solana Center looks beyond today, bringing ingenuity to address the climate crisis.

Creating new programming that addresses problems not yet at the forefront of the environmental movement

Providing thought leadership to jurisdictions, businesses, and organizations to create impactful change in our region

Innovating trailblazing research projects to address problems we see on the horizon


Building a robust and sustainable organization has led to impressive business results in just 5 years:

doubled staffing

3x increase in revenue

240% growth in operating budget

increasing profitability due to sound fiscal management

Diversified revenue stream

Community Responsiveness

Being responsive to the gaps we see in the region is part of our responsibility. This focus on filling the gaps has impacts on the people of the San Diego region, as well as on the planet.

Historically marginalized BIPOC, Indigenous, economically disadvantaged, and non-English speaking communities that are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis should receive more of the environmental movement's attention. Solana Center has prioritized reaching these communities, in their native languages and with a focus on the issues and solutions that are most impactful as determined by those communities.

When we see gaps in the community, we look to fill them. Whether it's creating an ewaste recycling solution to replace a now-closed recycler, offering plastic bag recycling when local retailers have almost all stopped accepting these materials, or creating a community compost program when there was no other local place for food waste, Solana Center looks for the solutions the community needs. 


Solana Center's work is funded by a combination of government contracts, grants, consulting fees, donations, and sponsorships. We are proud to share that a majority of our funding goes directly back into our environmental programs and all of these dollars stay right here in the San Diego region.

Expenses chart FY 22-23

R&D to create new systems & solutions to the climate crisis are included in our management costs. These research projects create new innovations for local environmental challenges and concerns, which then go on to be models for the rest of the country. 

This is where visionary funders have the largest impact on the climate crisis, not just here in our community, but across the country and beyond. Our contracts fund operations; donations fund innovation.

  • 990s

    Solana Center files a Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service each year as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Our most recent IRS Forms can be downloaded below.