The Benefits of Composting as a Family

Teaching kids how to be responsible stewards of our home planet can start in their early years! Along with spending time in nature, composting is a great way to introduce children to the environment and the science behind many natural systems.

When we teach kids how composting works and get the whole family involved, they are able to reframe their perspective on “waste” created at home or at school. Not only will this encourage kids to appreciate the natural resources, such as water and soil, that play a big part in growing our food but it highlights the importance of returning these resources back to the earth to continue to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains rather than being wasted in the landfill.

Composting is an important aspect of maintaining nutrient-rich soil and helps prevent climate warming. Rather than generating methane in a landfill, composted food scraps and other biodegradable materials result in carbon sequestration as well as the production of a valuable fertilizer.

Involving both kids and parents in the process of collecting organic material, assembling the compost pile, and witnessing the decomposition process allows kids to learn how different materials break down after we use them and encourages better informed, earth-focused choices when they grow up. They will also get a peek into the microscopic world of fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms that help the composting process!

Solana Center is educating for a greener today and tomorrow in our upcoming Family Composting 3-Week Course. Starting Saturday, November 6, this course will help kickstart your green team’s shared composting adventure through elementary-level lessons, hands-on experience, and engaging activities. The course, made possible with funding by the County of San Diego, will be held at a family ranch in Fallbrook and has limited space remaining. Hold your spot today. We look forward to learning alongside your family!