Food Waste Warrior: Liz Murphy of Santosha Nutrition 🍓

Liz Murphy, founder of Santosha Nutrition, speaks on how food waste prevention impacts her San Diego business:

“Santosha was founded on the principles of supporting local farmers and lowering waste. When I purchase produce from the market it is really important to me that I use as much of the product as possible. It respects the farmers, cultivates creativity, saves my business money, and helps me to avoid excess waste. 🌎

Every event and service is an opportunity to share these passions with the community through food and inspire others to become environmental stewards through their culinary choices. 🌱 It is so inspiring to see businesses around San Diego begin diverting their food waste from the landfill and donating edible food to those in need because of SB 1383 — it’s a huge step in making a difference together!”

Join our 40th-year celebration event ‘Waste to Wonder’ on May 11th to taste Liz’s fabulous vegan dishes! Limited quantities of tickets are on sale now.

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