What is a Lunch & Learn?

Lunch & Learns are Solana Center workshops centered around our three areas of expertise:

3pillars soil waste water

We offer several different topics that will help your group or organization learn how to protect the environment, conserve valuable resources, and reduce your carbon footprint. Presentations can be delivered virtually or in-person at your location of choice. Each presentation includes 45 minutes of interactive presentation time, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. For in-person presentations, Solana Center staff arrive early to set-up our presentation area and educational props.

Why host a Lunch & Learn?

Nurture a company culture that shares planet-focused values and promotes sustainability.

Meet your organization's goals in promoting sustainability. 

Learn new sustainable practices or enhance your group's existing knowledge on living a low-waste lifestyle.

Provide a fun way for your organization's members to connect through caring for the planet! 

If you have time for lunch, you have time to learn!

Topic menu

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Lunch and learn zero waste with FWP
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