Environmental fun for the whole family

Environmental protection and conservation is an important goal that the whole family can take action towards. Composting and recycling is a great place to start to engage little ones in learning more about the soil beneath our feet, how plants and the food we eat grows and how to prevent waste with proper sorting knowledge. Solana Center is proud to share the following resources for young environmental stewards below.

Printable Activity Sheets Made in partnership with the City San Diego


Learn what goes into the compost bin, recycling bin or the landfill by printing out this fun activity sheet and and carefully cutting along the dotted outline of each of the cutouts! Click the image above to download and print.

Help the worm friends make their way to their compost bin home with this maze! Once the children finish the maze, discuss how to help make the worms at home in their vermicompost bin by feeding them food scraps, coffee grounds or tea bags or how paper products such as shredded newspaper or egg cartons make great bedding for the worms to live in! Click the image above to view all three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), download, and print.

Learn about the process of composting and the various techniques and types with these word searches. Click the image above to view all three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), download, and print.

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