SoCal WaterSmart Rebate Details and FAQ

Rebates are awarded based on funding from the Metropolitan Water District and are subject to change. This document outlines the basic requirements and procedures for the SoCal WaterSmart rebate but further stipulations for individual cases may apply. Participants need to reach out to SoCal WaterSmart directly with any further questions or concerns: 888-376-3314

If you are an Unincorporated County resident you may qualify for additional rebates. See the County's Rebate Program pages.

Qualification Details

  1. Rebates are allowed once per lifetime and are based on your address. Meaning any past application with your address would disqualify you even if it was a previous resident. Call SoCal WaterSmart to check: 888-376-3314

  2. Your water agency must be a participating member (see below)

  3. Your house or unit must have its own water meter and water bill (not on a well only).

  4. Rebates for these 50 gallon rain barrels are $35 per barrel for up to 2 barrels only. Note: rebates can only be applied for once, even if you only received the rebate for one barrel previously.

  5. Rebates must be completed within 90 days of rain barrel purchase

Steps to Get your Rebate

  1. Gather the required documentation:

    • A copy of your water bill (issued within the last 6 months)

    • The receipt for your rain barrels that was emailed to you automatically after purchase


  3. Create an account

  4. Complete the application

  5. Submit all documentation by uploading in the “Upload Documents” section of your application or send by email, fax, or mail to:
FAX: (888) 593-1258
SoCal WaterSmart Rebate Program
3800 Watt Avenue, Suite 105
Sacramento, CA 95821

You must submit all documentation within 60 days of submitting your application.


How do I know if my address has already been used to get a rebate?

  • Call SoCal WaterSmart to check if there has been an application under your address: 888-376-3314

When should I apply for the rebate?

  • You must apply within 90 days of rain barrel purchase

  • You must submit all documentation within 60 days of submitting your application

When will I receive my rebate?

  • It takes 2 to 4 weeks for your application to be processed. Once processed you will receive notification whether you qualify or not.

  • If you qualify, you will receive a check by mail in 6 to 8 weeks after your application has been processed. The check will be sent to the address on your application and will be made out to the person entered in the Applicant Information section.

Can I get the rebate if I live in an apartment or HOA?

  • Before you proceed, check with your apartment complex or HOA that they allow Rain Barrels!

  • If they do, you can still receive the rebate as long as your apartment/house has its own individual water meter and bill. Complexes on the same meter can still apply for the rebate as a single applicant only if there are 4 or less units in the complex (5 or more units is considered commercial, not residential).

Can I get the rebate if my name is not on the water bill? (I pay through a landlord, tenant, or HOA)

  • You can receive the rebate in place of the person whose name is on the water bill by getting a signed letter of authorization. You will upload this into your rebate application in the “Upload Documents” section.

  • Enter your own name under Applicant Information (even though it prompts for Water Bill Holder name)

I’d like to purchase a rain barrel for someone else, can I still get the rebate?

  • It does not matter whose name is on the rain barrel receipt or the credit card used to purchase.

  • The rebate will be paid to whomever is the water bill holder of the address submitted. If this is not the person you wish to receive the rebate you must submit a signed letter of authorization from the water bill holder allowing the rebate to be made out to the applicant.

I purchased one rain barrel but now I want to purchase another, can I still get the rebate on both?

  • If you have NOT applied for the rebate yet you can upload both receipts on one application and receive a rebate for both.

  • You CANNOT apply for a rain barrel rebate twice.

Need Further Assistance?

This rebate is run by SoCal WaterSmart with funding by the Metropolitan Water District. Solana Center is in no part responsible for the outcome of any rebate application.

For further assistance or to check on the status of your rebate contact SoCal WaterSmart at:


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