What Kind of Volunteer Are You?

Take this quiz to see what role(s) you often serve as a volunteer!

1. On a volunteer shift, where are you most likely to be found?

  1. Doing the tasks necessary to keep the organization going, even if they’re less fun.
  2. Taking a look at how the organization or event works and finding ways to improve those processes.
  3. Brainstorming; I have so many ideas on how this organization could expand!
  4. Talking to staff members and other volunteers, of course!

2. What’s something that lights you up?

  1. Reflection. Quiet time gives me a sense of peace and expands my compassion.
  2. Fixing things. It’s really satisfying to make something work or work better!
  3. Big-picture ideas. There’s so much we could achieve with teamwork and willpower!
  4. People! I love connecting with and learning from others.

3) What’s your least favorite volunteering scenario?

  1. I don’t like being forced into a group setting for long periods of time. It feels stressful to always be “on” for people.
  2. I hate it when I’m expected to follow tradition because that’s “how it’s always been done.” I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to improve upon existing structures.
  3. Having my ideas shot down immediately is really demoralizing. I know they can’t always be implemented right away, but when there’s an opportunity to do more good, why wouldn’t we take it?
  4. I hate being alone for long stretches of time. Any task that takes me away from the group for hours feels isolating.

4) Last question! What is something you wish others saw about you?

  1. I do have my own ideas, opinions, and feelings, I just don’t always feel the need to express them. The occasional thank you or acknowledgement is much appreciated!
  2. I’m not trying to be critical or nit-picky. My laser focus on a problem is just how I express my passion for a cause.
  3. I know some of my ideas might not be feasible yet, but the first step to creating a new present is to imagine a different future. Without imagining, what would we move towards?
  4. I may be social, but that doesn’t make me light. I see connecting with people, among other things, as a way to get people invested in a cause while preventing burnout. It’s healthy to get to know people beyond their volunteering role, and the more conversations I have, the more I learn!

Mostly As: You are the roots. Like the roots of a tree, you are not afraid to dig deep and stabilize a structure, even in times of crisis. When something goes wrong, you have the wherewithal to do what’s needed for an organization’s healing and growth. You may be interested in Worm Wranglin’ or Food Cycle events. See all volunteering events here: https://solanacenter.org/volunteer/.

Mostly Bs: You are the trunk. Like the trunk of a tree, you provide the structural support necessary for an organization to scale up and reach great heights. You might be interested in our Build & Beautify events, which include opportunities to implement site improvements and new programs, or in joining our board! Check out volunteering events here: https://solanacenter.org/volunteer/. If you are interested in joining our board, please contact director@solanacenter.org with details on your background, relevant community involvement and how you see yourself fitting within our organization.

Mostly Cs: You are the leaves. Like the leaves of a tree, you provide energy for organizations you are involved in, making sure they grow instead of stagnating. You might be interested in our community outreach events or in joining our board. Learn more about volunteer events here: https://solanacenter.org/volunteer/. To apply for a board position, contact director@solanacenter.org with details on your background, relevant community involvement and how you see yourself fitting within our organization.

Mostly Ds: You are the bees. Like our fuzzy friends, you travel between different “trees,” or groups. As bees do with pollen, you transfer ideas from group to group, creating a dynamic and resilient network of nonprofits in our region. You might be interested in educating the next generation of environmentalists or working in our store! Learn more here: https://solanacenter.org/volunteer/.